Tuesday, February 5, 2013

IB BIts 2/1/13

“Hold fast to dreams,   

 For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.” ― Langston Hughes

February  2013

Black History Month
"No Name Calling Week"
Collect Jeans Month
President's Day
Chinese New Year--7th grade

Please congratulate our IB teachers of the month!!!
Jennifer Murphy and Amy Johnson--8th grade science teachers!!

They are recognized for their collaborative spirit, their commitment to the IB lesson plans, and what they do for students.

IB Focus for the Year---Recycling

Have you done your part?  Are you saving your wrappers and bringing them to school??  What about old electronics--phones, pencil sharpeners, keyboards, etc.  They can also be recycled!!!

Remember the money we earn from ReCycling helps to a feed hungry people.  Contributions will be given to UNICEF which reaches across the globe.

The purpose of IB is to think globally--reach beyond ourselves.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013    Happy New Year!!!

      Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.         Oprah Winfrey

I hope each of you had a wonderful and peaceful holiday!!

2013--Here we come!!   We have 1/2 of a school left and many things to accomplish!!

We finished 2012 with a bang!  In December, we had benchmark testing, science fair, social studies fair, and  our PARKS celebration.  HMS had a wonderful initiative for the month of December--Random Acts of Kindness.
An IB focus is to encourage students to think outside of themselves.

We will continue focusing on Recycling!!!
Remember to send wrappers.

Relay for Life will be kicking off soon--be sure to check Dr. Blankenship's newsletters for updates.

Spelling Bee  Wednesday, January 9th
Science Night--Thursday January 10th   6 pm-7 pm

Monday, November 12, 2012

IB Bits       11/12/12


Recycling will be our main focus this year.  Ms. Hughes, 6th grade science teacher, has already started this initiative .  Our IB focus will be to see how other cities and countries recycle and what we can learn from them.  We will also look at the economics of recycling.

 As part of our community service-the money earned from recycling this quarter will go to the Athens Food Bank. Be sure to help us out by sending the following to school to recycle.

We Want Your Trash!
Ink Jet Cartridges    Chip Bags Laptop Computers
Candy Wrappers Capri Sun Juice Pouches
Aluminum Cans Flip Flops Digital Cameras
Hand-held Electronic Games          
The items you bring for recycling can be broken - we don't care.  They will be broken down when they get recycled.

You can bring your recyclables from this list to the Science & Energy Team table every Wednesday morning or take your items to directly to Mrs. Hughes in room 118 any day of the week!  

Every person that recycles items on this list will be entered in a prize drawing!!!

Congratulations to Ms. Hughes who was selected as our IB teacher of the month. She was recognized at the monthly implementation meeting at the Board Office.
Thanks for all you do!!!

America Recycles Day!!!
Thursday, November 15th

HMS is having a contest to determine who can create the most creative project from recycled material. Have you project in the media center by 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 15th!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

IB Bits    2012

Wisdom begins in wonder.

Friday, October 12th

Fall is here!!!!  Our first quarter has come to an end!!!
We look forward to having all our parents visit this upcoming week!!!!  Conferences will be with homeroom teachers.  Contact them if you still need an appointment!!

As a candidate for becoming an International 
Baccalaureate World School our teachers continue to focus lessons to facilitate academic achievement, developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring people.  Teachers use the IB structure to organize their units.
Below are a few examples--

Ms. McWhorter's 7th grade Math Class

Ms. Hughes  6th grade Science class            

A component of IB is to stress the connection between what students are learning to the the world around us.  Ms. Murphy's 8th grade ELT class recently had a lesson on World Peace. 

 Within the lesson they discussed how peace could begins with me.

Teaching and understanding what leadership is a component of the curriculum for the Consumer Science class.  Ms. Pederson's classes have just completed a unit on leadership and what makes a good leader.     

 Community Service:  Our United Way is currently underway.  Please send change with your child to help support this great event.
Upcoming---Annual Canathon and Relay for Life!!

Projects:  Most students are involved in a project--it could be a DAR writing assignment, science and/or social studies fair.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!
Mrs. Clark

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quote:  All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.Walt Disney 

It is hard to believe we are already through half of our 1st quarter.  We are busy at HMS!!!

IB will continue to become more and more part of our environment as it continues to take hold.  Teacher lessons will continue to have world applications and connections.

Another IB component is all students need a language, fine arts, and physical education during their connections this year.

A new emphasis is on the way to focus on world news and holidays.  Watch for the new bulletin board!!!

Community Service:

  • United Way drive is currently underway!!!  Please have your students bring their change to their homeroom teachers.
  • Relay for Life   Dr. Blankenship is checking her calendar and will kickoff our relay efforts by sitting on the roof.  We hope to surpass our goal again this year!!!   We will hold a T-shirt design contest with our students to create our new RFL t-shirt. 
  • Stay tuned to more ways to help!!!

Projects underway!!!

     Many of our students are involved in science fair projects, social studies projects, and/or essays on the Revolutionary War.  Please let us know if you or your child need any extra assistance.

TAA--What is that???  Teachers as Advisers Program.  All students are in groups of 10-12 with a faculty member.  These small groups meet every two weeks.  Ask your child about their advisor!!

Mrs. Clark

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to HMS IB Bits!!

Weekly Quote:

Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our  aim constantly focused on the future.     Walt Disney


Welcome to my first attempt at Blogging!!  Hilsman Middle School is currently a candidate to become an IB (International Baccalaureate) School. My hope is to keep you informed of the happenings in IB.  The focus of IB is to create an international mindedness values the world as the broadest context for learning, develops conceptual understanding across a range of subjects and offers opportunities to inquire, act and reflect.  Teaching us to think globally--think outside of Athens, Georgia.

First Days of School!!!

Our students have participated in Respect and Diversity Lessons.  These two areas were chosen since they provide a foundation for the global connections we will help them make. 

Our teachers have done a fabulous job reviewing IB concepts such as learner profiles and areas of interaction.  Please remember to send me the list of countries your students and their parents were born.Our teachers will continue to use a lesson plan which emphases a world look and connections.  Our next steps include re-evaluating our units after we have taught them and worked towards an IB assessment plan.

Upcoming Events:

Community Service:  Stay tune for our Relay for Life Kick-Off!!!
Last year HMS earned $3,394.38--This was fantastic especially since our goal was $1,000.  Since we met our goal Dr. Blankenship will sit on the roof to kickoff our fund-raising this year.


Our 7th grade Ms. Nix will be married this weekend.
September Birthdays include Ms. Hughes (1st), Ms. Pederson (9th), Ms. Sims (12th), Ms. Murphy (19th), Ms. Nix-7th grade (23rd), Ms. Clark (24th), Ms. Brinkley (25th), Ms. Wood (29th)